Amusing Yourself When Stuck In An Airport

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You only need to open another tab on your browser, head to Google and type in traveling quotes to see just how wicked-wonderful the wanderlust life is. To travel is to live. First, it leaves you speechless and then it turns you into a storyteller. The list is infinite. But as anyone who has ever been stuck in an airport before will tell you, there are certain aspects of traveling that are immensely boring.


Layovers, delayed flights, canceled flights; all of this can throw up a truly testing time that you need to overcome. Luckily, your options are not limited. You don’t have to just sit there, absorbing the tedium and waiting it out because there are in fact plenty of ways you can tackle boredom head on. So long as you have a little spark of ingenuity, the airport can become your playground.

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Improve Your Photography Skills

The amusement potential of this option is pretty good. We’d say it can give you at least an hours entertainment, as you walk around the airport, snapping shots of anything of interest, exploring angles and filters and lighting. This is your chance to find artistic ways to photograph planes beneath a gray sky, arty snaps of rubbish bins and long queues and what not.


Play Your Fair Share Of Games

Chances are, you have an iPhone and that means, chances are, you have an infinite source of entertainment (that you will probably get bored of within 45 minutes). There are the classic games that are highly addictive, online casino games that add a level of excitement, racing games, social media games and just about every other type of game you can possibly think of. Forty-five minutes may not sound like a long time, but in an airport, wowzer, that will feel like it is eating up hours.


People Watching Always Wins

Nothing beats a little bit of people watching when times get boring. The best way to use this to your entertainment is to make up little backstories for each person that walks by. Maybe even get a notepad and construct some actual stories on paper. It doesn’t even have to be the past that you delve into, it could be their current scenario, like why they are at the airport 9aside the obvious), where they are going and what they are going for. You can have endless fun with this one.


Retail Therapy Works Wonders

Airports have a plethora of shops that are there to be explored, waltzed around and beaten backward with your wallet. It could be gifts for people, it could be toiletries you need, food or snacks, souvenirs of your visit to Paris or wherever you have been. It doesn’t even have to be retail therapy in the airport. It could be a touch of internet shopping that sets you free for a minute or two. After all, nothing quite beats buying something on a whim and having it wait for you at home as you finally get your journey underway again. Now that is living.


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