Banish The Bas**rd’s

As someone who would usually reply ‘Photoshop’ when asked what their skincare routine consists of, but who also suffered with acne for the entirety of one’s wonderful teenage years (as if puberty isn’t stressful enough), I was dubious when Banish approached me regarding a collaboration. After roughly 2.5 seconds of research online, I came to realise just what a cult following Banish has acquired since it’s launch. Banish’s online presence and customer adoration immediately grabs you by your shirt collar and insists you need to try this…and try it I did.

At first inspection, the Banish kit instilled a slight feeling of intimidation. It boasted a whole host of miracle workers, all of which I hadn’t the first clue how to use. The kit contained Banish Oil (a.k.a Vitamin C Serum), Vitamin C Beauty Elixir, Banisher Roller, Banisher Stamp, Pumpkin Enzyme Masque, Activated Charcoal Clay Masque, Pore Smasher, Banish Bag and Plastic Cleaning Container. If you made it to the end of that list without ageing a few years, then you’ll understand my initial hesitation and general ‘where-the-hell-do-I-start’ attitude.

Once I had got my head around the uses, it became the most obvious thing in the world. Of COURSE you use the Banish Oil AFTER using the Banisher Tools, duh! Plus, don’t we all know from spending approximately 12,000 hours on beauty blogger YouTube channels that the pumpkin enzyme and charcoal clay masks are for use 1-2 times per week!? My point is this – even though the knowledge that these products when applied right will change your skin for the better, places a little too much pressure on us, that’s completely natural. Essentially, Banish tap into the skincare knowledge that those of us that weren’t born with an Instagram filter pre-installed have. We already kind of know how to use these extraordinary products, even if we don’t know it yet.

After timidly testing each and every product out, tip-toeing into the bathroom with hopes that my boyfriend doesn’t catch me with mini-needle roller in hand about to scratch up my face and have me sectioned, I can confidently say…they work. Banish was created by Daisy, after developing acne herself, she set out to build a product that is not only accessible, but effective too. Banish are dedicated to producing a product line that targets the root of problems, not covering them up temporarily. They use fresh, natural ingredients, sourced ethically from the West Coast of the USA and are focused completely on internal not external healing. That is the fundamental difference between Banish and the legions of other brands claiming to all do the same thing. They were founded by a girl with a passion, who had experienced herself the problem she was in fact trying to fix, and they properly execute their aims which is all too uncommon these days.

So do yourself a favour and just Banish the rest.

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How to use Banish

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