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The days between Christmas and New Year where you can’t remember your name have finally
ceased (how long’s it been!?), but suddenly it’s the 1st January and it’s time to start adulting again.
I both anticipate and dread in equal measure. So maybe I’m being slightly cynical, truth is, it’s
something I’m always excited about. It’s a new page of the book, you get to be whoever and do whatever
you want (plus there’s almost ALWAYS leftover food). Without want of sounding too philosophical, it’s
a time to reflect on the year gone by and be thankful for all that you’ve have achieved. This year
I learnt that patience really is a virtue and ambition is the first step to success. I decided that this
post wouldn’t be another visual story, rather a kind of punctuation. A full stop on this year and
an ellipses into the next, where opportunity awaits…



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