Different Ways To Travel For The Aviophobic

When it comes to making New Year resolutions, the most common ones tend to be to eat healthier, swear less, and travel more. The latter, however, can be a little tricky if you are an unlucky sufferer of Aviophobia and are deadly afraid of flying, or maybe you just really hate airports. Yes, conquering your fears with a vodka and two paracetamol might get you on the plane, but there are some alternatives that could help to eliminate the prior weeks of stress, and excruciatingly long airport lounge waits completely. Listed below are a couple of ways of traveling that could be a lot more relaxing for you than their air-borne relative.




Having become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, interrailing across Europe is a favourite in the backpacking community, and has become a great way of seeing quite a few countries on a budgeted and in a relatively short amount of time. If you’re a free spirit and are feeling adventurous, you could just get on a train and see where you end up. If, however, you prefer a more organised trip, you can plan your route with all of your destinations and train times. This is a great way to maximise your sightseeing time, as you can organise your lengthier train journeys to be overnight, meaning you get more days in your chosen destinations.


Road Trip


This depends on where you are based as to how you go about planning your road trip. However, it is a fun and relaxed way of getting away for a few weeks, especially if you head to the hot weather with a convertible. You can click for the best options of reliable cars for a journey like this if you are planning your trip overseas and you have to buy a car at your destination. Or, if you are based in the UK you can take the Eurostar with your own car to the continent. This allows you the chance to explore many countries in your own time, whilst giving you the freedom to let the adventure unfold naturally. Maybe you indulge in a little street photography, or you wander off the beaten track and find the real heart of the city. The world is your oyster.




If you like a little more luxury in your travel, why not consider a cruise. Supreme luxury, fabulous entertainment in the evenings, and a fully-stocked bar. You also benefit from a comfortable bed every single night and expert tour guides in your various destinations. If you can get the time off work, you could choose to be really lavish and go round the world, or you could take a look at many of the shorter cruises available if you have particular areas or destinations you wanted to explore. The choice is entirely down to you, but one thing is sure, you won’t ever forget your first luxury cruise.


Hopefully, these options have opened you up to the idea of traveling, proving there are choices outside of the dreaded airport lounge. Just because everyone else is choosing to fly, doesn’t mean you have to be left behind on the globe-trotting adventures. Bon Voyage!


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