Words and photography MITCHELL WEBB, created for ENCLOTHED

Convenience is a virtue. Many say this is also true for patience, but I have little of that, which is why I bask in the glory on Enclothed. The wonderful subscription service that delivers clothes in your style and your fit, directly to your door.

First, you create your profile. I told them about my style, size and what my preferences were so the team could create a clearer picture in regard to what I need. They have mastered the art of asking the important ‘need-to-know’s’ only so it doesn’t feel like you’re signing up for some kind of life insurance.

Then, you talk to your stylist. I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Jesse to search for great clothes tailored to my fit, style and preferences. She was knowledgeable about brands and really understood my style from just that first conversation.

Then the fun part happens, you receive your box! Once the products have arrived you have 5 days to try everything on in the comfort of your own home, mixing and matching with other items already in your wardrobe making sure that the pieces from Enclothed can fit seamlessly into your existing style. You buy what you like and send the rest back for free. Easy as that. Upon opening my box I was pleasantly surprised at how well Jesse had done at choosing items that would suit my style and work well with what I currently have in my wardrobe. It felt just like Christmas morning, opening a big box of gifts that someone had expertly picked out for you!

The try before you buy feature is probably the most invaluable. You can just simply pick out the items that you love the most, you only pay for what you keep and the service is 100% free. Can’t say fairer than that, right!? Once you’ve decided what is staying and what is going, you can just pack the other items back into the box and arrange for a courier to come and collect it or drop it off at your convenience at a Collect Plus drop off point. I can’t express enough just how easy it was, I literally had to do nothing but make the final decision, it was like having a personal shopping session in my own bedroom!

Once you have received and sent back a few boxes, your stylist can get to know more and more about your style, tailoring their choices even closer to that of your preferences all contributing to your ultimately uber stylish and easy look!

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