Great Alternatives To The Christmas Party

The work Christmas party is often an embarrassing disaster for some people. Having too much to drink in front of all of your work colleagues and waking up in the morning with the sense that you did something stupid isn’t everybody’s idea of a fun way to celebrate Christmas. The traditional office party is a bit outdated these days, surely there’s something better that you could do instead? If you want a great alternative to the office Christmas party this year, look no further.

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Trampoline Parks

This might sound like something that’s just for kids but it’s very popular with adults and they’ve really taken off in the last year. They seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment and they’re great fun. It’s a good way to have an enjoyable Christmas party without going out and drinking. It’s also a bit of good exercise as well.


Escape Rooms

As well as trampoline parks, escape rooms are one of the biggest trends of the last year. They started out in Hungary and have since taken this country by storm. You can find great ones like Excape the Room Game all over the place now. They consist of a series of puzzles that need to be completed in order to get out of the room (don’t worry, you can still get out if you absolutely need to). They have loads of different ones with great themes and storylines and they make the perfect work outing because they’re a good team building exercise. Just remember, some of the games can be a bit scary so if you’ve got people with you that wouldn’t deal well with that, steer clear of those ones.


Shared Christmas Party

If you’re thinking that you want to go bigger this year and have a huge Christmas party, you’ve got to work out how you’re going to pay for it. Luckily, you aren’t the first person to think of it and people have come up with a way to do it. The shared Christmas party is becoming more popular as companies are pooling their resources and clubbing together to pay for a massive Christmas party. It’s a good way to build a better relationship with work clients and have an amazing party all rolled into one.


Donate To Charity

You might be looking for an alternative Christmas party idea because none of your colleagues are really that bothered about it. It might be that you need to change the party ideas, but maybe they just don’t want a Christmas party. If that’s the case, why not spend the money on something worthwhile instead? Giving the money that you would have spent on a Christmas party to a charity instead is a great way to evoke the spirit of Christmas in your colleagues and do something good at the same time. You could have the best of both worlds by organizing a ticketed Christmas party and giving all the proceeds to charity.


The work Christmas party doesn’t need to be something that you dread, try one of these alternatives and it can be great fun.


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