The Scent That Makes The Man


It’s not every day that you’re picked up by a chauffeur, welcomed with champagne, a huge orange
box, an envelope labelled ‘open me’ and a video presentation to watch while being driven to a secret
London location. Well, on 20th January, it was that kind of day. This was to welcome a brand spanking
new fragrance from JOOP! Quite dissimilar from the usual ‘parties’ I’ve attended, this experience
took us on a journey.

A journey that first appealed to our olfactory senses by introducing the fragrance broken down. This
allowed us to consider the scent just as it’s individual notes, witnessing each one subsequently put together
to create the final product. We were then taken to the next floor, this time to have our taste buds
stimulated by some of the finest gin. The main notes from the fragrance were incorporated into the taste
of the gin, combined with a little dry ice wow factor. We mixed and matched notes of citrus and floral with
a base to make our own concoctions, signed and sealed to take home and enjoy (or not, mine was
pretty gross).


The last, but not least step was to stimulate touch and sight, also to reveal the JOOP! man: determined and
unconventional with a magnetic presence. We were graced by the company of an Edward Sexton bespoke
tailor, presenting some of their most classic tailored pieces and a hint at what’s to come from Saville
Row. When we had experienced the entire journey, we climbed up to the top floor for a canape (or 20)
and drinks, and I got talking to someone about the original JOOP! fragrances. We spoke about how generally impartial
I was to them, but how much I genuinely loved the new fragrance, which then got me thinking about reinvention.

I thought about how important it is to constantly reinvent yourself in this industry in order to stay relevant.
Picking a ‘style’, whether that be clothing, values, likes, dislikes, etc. is always something temporary. It’s never
going to remain consistent when trying to stay pertinent. Some may say this is the ‘dark-side’ of the industry,
forcing us to evolve and change to stay ‘trendy’ or ‘on-topic’, but I disagree. I think it’s US that force
the industry to change. No one person can remain the same forever, we all naturally evolve and discover
new things and experience different cultures and ultimately adopt these differences. Life is cumulative,
and you can’t devalue any type of experience, therefore I think it’s not only important, but crucial
to challenge our world around us to change with us, and not the other way around.

JOOP! WOW available nationwide 1st February 2017

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