The Getaway

Approaching the grounds I felt disconnected, in the most wonderful way. I felt as though we were proceeding into an entirely genuine thought-free zone – the presence of Walton Hall integral to this. You can almost hear the history of the building whispering in your ear as you pass the door, encouraging you to shrug off tensions as you surrender to the hotel’s substantial experience in the facility of, just, welcoming.

The perfect getaway, for me, is a place where the hardest decision is whether or not to have seconds at breakfast and which time to book a table for dinner. The Mercure Walton Hall Hotel & Spa is exactly that. Upon entering, we were embraced by the warmth of the open fire based in the reception area of the 16th century Walton Hall. Vast traditional windows with views of the meadows and hills, high ceilings, and classical finishings add to the charisma of the hotel. Flourishing in the idea that we were tucked away in the serene countryside, safely away from any hustle and bustle the city exudes, allowing us to choose the pace of our own getaway. After unpacking, we took a long walk in the surrounding grounds followed by a late lunch in the conservatory basking in the patting of the rain against the windows.

The facilities at The Mercure Walton Hall Hotel and Spa are in and of themselves enough to motivate a visit. A fully equipped gym, an almost sinfully relaxing Spa and energising pool area make for a well-rounded stay. After taking a dip in the pool, we got ready for dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. Being vegan means I can usually only opt for a side of fries and a possibly a tomato, if I’m lucky, but the menu at the Mercure was comprehensive enough for me to have a few options which is a rare find. The service was prompt and friendly and the food was exquisite. Full of enough carbs to get me through a winter’s hibernation, we trundled back up to our room for a night of restful sleep.

We woke up to the sun breaking through the huge drapes, and after a workout in the gym, we showered, ate a hearty breakfast and embarked on a day of exploring the adjoining countryside. We began by wandering the surrounding area, noticing the calm atmosphere we reveled in the dissimilarity to everyday life. Succeeding the realisation that we were pretty hungry after all of this, we took a dawdle to the conservatory where we enjoyed another light lunch. The most wonderful part of the day was knowing we had the perfect base to linger to and from when exploring a place as peaceful as the Mercure Walton Hall Hotel & Spa, and the thought of enjoying another night rest before setting off on wherever the day takes you next.


Experience tranquility at it’s finest at the Mercure Walton Hall Hotel & Spa in Warwickshire.


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