Street Photography

photography MITCHELL WEBB | created for AIRBNB EXPERIENCES

There is such a slight but certain conciliation to people-watching, observing the actions and anticipating the lives of passers by fades your own reality and heightens the consciousness to that of others. Show me the person who doesn’t love nothing more than being in a good café, sat with some tea while immersing their self in the lives of others. When thinking of street photography, in my line of work, often the assumption of context is placed directly in fashion – conjuring up images of the latest street style or fashion week attendees. However, recently I had the opportunity to immerse myself even further into the pass-time I love so much, getting a deeper but yet alternative view into others lives.

This was through an Airbnb Experience in street photography, and not the typical fashion kind. These experiences are a chance to delve deeper into your city. Just like finding a home to stay in with Airbnb, you can search the world over for locals leading experiences in art, food & drink, lifestyle, fashion, history, entertainment and nightlife to name just a few. Combining that grip on the community that only the locals have with culturally rich experiences, Airbnb provide some of the best things-to-do while visiting just about anywhere.

On my own experience, teaming up with a professional street photographer, we were taken through the streets of London creatively documenting the world around us. We were shown how the city can be our canvas by observing small details & almost creating our own narratives to satisfy our un-tamable imagination. One noticeable aspect was my gravitation towards London’s abundance of interesting characters, I strove to anticipate honest accounts while turning the ordinary into extraordinary and putting the spotlight on the painfully candid irony we saw so much of. It was a pleasure being led by our host, Linda, she was so knowledgeable with years of experience it was clear we were in the midst of a true pro. Even as a city-boy myself, it is so enriching taking a step in someone else’s shoes and experiencing things I wouldn’t usually that I am eagerly shortlisting my next experience in my very own hometown.

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