The Accessories I’d Never Ignore For Important Moments In Business Or Leisure

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I would be the first to admit not knowing everything in this world, but I do know that appearances count for a lot. Moreover, I’d like to think I’m living proof that you needn’t be Brad Pitt or David Beckham to look presentable and stylish.

Most of you reading this can relate to these aspects, and you’ve probably got the basis of your look nailed down. One area where many men do let themselves down, however, revolves around accessories. Here are the five that I consider to be essential in all crucial situations.


My Glasses (Or Contacts)

People that don’t need glasses won’t relate to this, but anyone that does wear spectacles can appreciate how they impact your look. Finding glasses that suit your face is probably more crucial than choosing a certain brand. Some situations aren’t very accommodating for glasses, and these can include sporting challenges. Therefore, contact lenses can be a life-saver throughout several moments in the year. Still, knowing that your glasses look right should be the priority.


My Belt

Everyone has had the nightmare vision of their trousers dropping at an important moment. Wearing a belt can prevent this happening, as well as taking the entire suit look to a new level. Products from the British Belt Company can complete your style with a luxurious touch. For comfort and style, the waistline can feel a little bare without one. Of course, braces are an alternative solution, but they don’t work well in all situations. Do keep this in mind.


My Fragrance

It’s not uncommon for men to assume that wearing nice aftershave is solely for the benefit of dating. On the contrary, finding the right fragrances for summer and winter can provide you with a heightened sense of confidence. This will inevitably work wonders in many situations. Whether it’s for business or leisure, a few squirts of my favourite fragrances are considered essential. Add this to your daily routines rather than special occasions alone, and you’ll soon see a noticeable impact.


My Cufflinks

Buttoned shirts don’t require cufflinks, but those small items can still provide a winning touch to any formal outfit. For starters, they grab the attention and show attention to detail. Meanwhile, the range of styles at Deakin & Francis cufflinks enables the wearer to express their personality too. I’ve often found that they prevent the embarrassment of sleeves coming undone. Meanwhile, they can enable you to avoid wearing bracelets and other items. I guess it’s a case of personal preferences, but I’d always choose to wear them in the important moments.


My Bag

Ok, so I’d certainly advocate having several bags rather than one. After all, the impression created by a backpack is far different to a briefcase. Different occasions require different products, but the need to get it right is constant. Aside from adding to your style, it helps you stay organised. Frankly, nothing ruins your fashion quite like flailing around for various items. A man who is in control will always look better as a result.

There are various other accessories that you may keep on your possession in certain moments. Whatever the circumstances may be, though, the items above are the key items on my agenda. They should be on yours too.



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