For The Love of Corduroy

Styling & Creative Direction MITCHELL WEBB | Photography BEYZA YILDIRIM | Created for THE CORDS & CO

Turtle Neck ARKET | Corduroy Jacket THE CORDS & CO | Trousers ARKET | Shoes DR. MARTENS

Classicism is something that is generally overlooked. Not in an underappreciated way, because I think most savvy humans nowadays value classicism, but in a way that sees it as something not to be tampered with. Now, most of the time I would agree with this concept, as they say – ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, right? Wrong.

I’ve recently begun to fully realise and appreciate how great mixing up classicism can be. You get the best of both, you can keep your classic tailored trousers but amp them up with an exaggerated fit, or something a little more old school like a classic-fit corduroy jacket in an on-trend pop of red. It arouses interest at the least expected moment, providing the notion that the luxury is in the details. There is something rebellious yet traditional in stirring up those classic pieces, and I’m truly embracing it.


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