The Right Driving Instructor Is Important To Find



Everyone finds driving for the first time a worrying experience. Driving on the roads is something of tremendous importance for the freedom of a young person, but it comes with a massive responsibility. This means that getting off on the right foot is arguably the most important thing that can happen for them. The right attitude, the right car, and even driving around with parents on quiet side streets can help a young or novice driver get started, but more importantly, so can the driving instructor.

The driving instructor is much more than someone who simply teaches someone how to drive. They are the person who help form the novices relationship to driving, and helps them form the attitude that anyone on the road should hope to keep. For that reason, finding the right driving instructor is important. It might not look the same from person to person. We’re here to help you find the best one, so be sure they fit within the following parameters;


They Must Be Patient

As a novice driver, you must feel comfortable in making SMALL mistakes. Of course, this is not to say you should feel fine with driving recklessly, as that will only serve to create dangerous situations. However, if you are overly cautious, you will also be just as dangerous. A degree of confidence on the road is important to drive well. Small mistakes will occur. You might forget to indicate, or your three-point turn might take you twenty turns to finally complete.

A driving instructor must understand this, and help you achieve a degree of comfort on the roads. Look for driving instructors who are patient, willing to help you correct inconsistencies, and have an overall affable personality. Alfie’s Driving School has a good track record with this. This will lessen your tension in the car to a degree that you can focus effectively.


They Should Be Affordable

Many driving instructors offer some great package deals. It might be ten lessons for $150, or some other such promotion to get you started. This can be a great way to begin, because your early lessons are likely not going to glean much value as you become acquainted with the car and understanding of how to best operate it.


They Should Be Honest & Fair

Driving is not something that you can play pretend with. It might be nice for an instructor to soothe your ego and tell you you’re the next Lewis Hamilton, but unfortunately, critique must be given to keep you safe. The best instructors are fair about their criticism. They might not even compliment you. They are in the business of keeping you safe. An instructor who is trying to make you feel good each time, and lessening your faults might be interested in keeping your repeat business, but they can, unfortunately, plague you with bad habits if you let this occur.


With these correct virtues to look out for, your driving career will surely be off to the best start.


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