Photography Mitchell Webb, in collaboration with Thai Square Spa



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Sometimes, just sometimes, you stop partaking in those 342 unread emails, 36 open tabs and 27 (clashing) social plans and think, I can’t remember the last time I positioned myself at a 90 degree angle on a piece of furniture (A.K.A sitting down)When you’re macbook starts singing to me through it’s air vents ‘I’m Ferociously Overheated, So Please Turn Me Off’ song, (available on iTunes), you know some time-out is needed.

Ironically, even from a young age we’re taught to take time-out from day-to-day, albeit sometimes sobbing and screaming on the naughty step aged 2, but as we progress into adulthood and are (supposedly) able to (or forced to) make adult decisions, we reject this notion fiercely. I think it’s funny, how, we cannot now sustain the concept of taking time-out to reflect or self-assess, as we’re just simply too busy with too much to do so hypothetically sweep the dirty laundry under the bed. But combine this with being a man, and relaxation just isn’t a ‘thing’ for us. That’s why I’m right behind Thai Square Spa in demolishing these misconceptions.

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They’ve recently launched their Time-Out Reviver package for men, a sinfully relaxing, time-saving combination of treatments taking care of all your grooming needs while encouraging that well needed time-out. You can unwind and choose from a blissful one hour Traditional Thai Massage, a soothing one hour Gentlemen’s Hot Towel Facial or stress-busting Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage, as well as a sharp-looking haircut in the salon. Thai Square Spa brings the traditional Thai Spa experience to the heart of London with an eclectic mix of Thai, Roman and Turkish influences.

Whether it’s sitting by an open window with a good book (gasp!) or enjoying a hot drink while snug on the sofa (I couldn’t!?), heed my advice and experience vast, invigorating time-out to tease away those dormant stresses and become a lighter, more laid-back version of that anxiety monster you’ve been lately.

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Photography courtesy of Thai Square Spa
treatments courtesy of Scarlet PR

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